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I'm a 13-year-old simmer who loves Harry Potter & Doctor Who. I also believe in Nargles. <3



Okay so first we Have the “Ruler Of Life And Nature” challenge which is the opposite of our latest challenge “ruler of the underworld”. If your model is a girl try to make her look like the queen of the forest or mother nature! If you have a boy model Make him look like the King of nature or…



Just some photos of Orlando and the Disney Parks.

Ruler of the Underworld Challenge Submission for thesimcarpet. This one got Sunny a bit too excited. She dyed the tips of her hair red and wore red cat eye contact lenses.

We had to do a quick photo shoot for this one. My family and I are leaving for Florida on Friday the 18th. We are going on vacation.

Camp Dakota.

I built a summer camp in the sims 3. Here are some photos of the lot. There are 4 cabins, 2 girls and 2 boys, a dining hall, kitchen, campfires, and 2 bathrooms. There are also activities around the area, such as balls to play catch with and easels for painting.

Around the campgrounds, there are supplies for a large dog and some horses.

It’s built on a 64x64 lot. 




This is important!
A new law in Brazil is trying to be passed that prevents the marriage of same-sex couples as well as single parents and couples with an adopted child/children won’t be considered a family!
The law give the government the power to ensure that only “traditional families”…

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They figures left, and me and the Doctor came out of the bedroom. We found Darien and Cosma hugging in the main area.

"I won’t let them hurt you Cosma, I won’t." Darien said.

"Doctor," I whispered. "I think I’ll go outside. Get some fresh air."

"All right," He said,"Go on."

Two more had entered the small house. They were talking to Darien and Cosma. 

"We collected something… interesting today." The younger, feminine looking one said.

"Have you?" Darien replied. "Why are you telling us?"

"Because," the other new figure said. I peeked through the door around the corner. The masculine figure had grabbed Cosma. "The funny thing about it, is that we found a ship. A ship called, Police Public Call Box, whatever that means. And it’s alien. You don’t happen to know who the owner is, do you?"

"N-No sir. I haven’t. We haven’t." said Cosma, frightened.

The masculine one let go of Cosma. “If you’re lying, you will be punished.”

We could here something going on in the main area. The Doctor was listening carefully.

"It’s okay sir, you can put down your flashy thing. We won’t hurt you, My name is Darien and this is my wife Cosma." the man said.

"Cosma! What a lovely name!" I said. "Anyway I’m Piper and that’s the Doctor."

"Thank you. And nice to meet you." Cosma replied.

"I suppose their isn’t a chance that you have seen a big blue box anywhere have you." asked the Doctor.

"No sorry." Darien informed us.

"Darien! They’re coming!"

"Who’s coming?" The Doctor wondered.

"Quick! You need to hide! Come. The bedroom." Darien guided us down the hall to the room. It was small, very small. "Lock the door."

"Who’s. Coming.?" repeated the Doctor.

"The masters."

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